As a ghostwriter, I don’t like to “out” my clients. After all, I’m not supposed to exist. Fortunately, a few brave souls have offered reviews of their experience using Silver Lining Communications. (We’ll just keep this between us, okay?)


“I have had the great pleasure of engaging Michele to work on a wide range of initiatives. She gets the job done (ahead of time), and communicates extremely well. I would highly recommend her.”

Dennis C. Miller, Executive Search, Leadership Coach, Speaker

Author, “A Guide to Recruiting Your Next CEO: The Executive Search Handbook for Nonprofit Boards”


“Michele and I have worked together on various projects. Her writing skills are superb! She asks the right questions and works diligently to craft just the right message. She would be an asset to any team seeking someone with excellent communications skills.”

Maria Semple, Principal, The Prospect Finder


“Michele is a facile communicator, a versatile team player, and a highly skilled and knowledgeable fundraising professional. She has a wonderful ability to grasp the essential message and articulate the organizational mission and vision.”

Beth Mauro, Executive Director, Principal Giving, Barnard College